In Loving Memory Of Aaron John Edquist
                     January 14,1984        May 16,2001

         and his dog "Scrappy" who joined Aaron in heaven on
                                    October 28, 2008

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I'm so glad that you stopped by Aaron's memorial website. If your a parent give your children a hug today and tell them you love them...For you never know what tomorrow brings.
On May 16, 2001 our son Aaron died at the young age of 17. They say that there is no greater loss than a parent losing a child.  Now I have found out how true it is. I can tell you first hand that it hurts a lot every day and you never get over the pain.

Like most parents we like to be proud of our children.  We feel that they are very special and that is how we feel about Aaron.  To his mom and dad he was special, kind, and very loving. I don't mean to brag I'm just proud of my son. He was my world and best friend.  Aaron loved computers and had a small website he was working on at the time of his death. In his memory I wanted to build a website for him.  I wanted to put his memorial and tribute on the web so that some of you could read a little about Aaron. I hope you will enjoy some of the many photos, tributes, and memories that you will find here. So please look his site over and feel free to sign the guest book. Thanks for stopping by and please remember Aaron in you're prayers.
                                   Sincerely, Steve Edquist
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      Steve Edquist

Aaron's website officially           went on line on
      June 28th, 2003
My friends would really appreciate it if you would visit these memorials.your text.
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               DEAREST AARON

   If Tears Could Build A Stairway

      If Tears could build a stairway
         And memories were a lane
     We would walk right up to heaven
         And bring you back again

     No farewell words were spoken
         No time to say goodbye
     You were gone before we knew it
         And only God knows why

     Our hearts still ache in sadness
         And secret tears still flow
     What it meant to lose you
         No one can ever know

     But now we know you want us
         To mourn  for you no more
     To remember all the happy times
          Life still has much in store

     Since you'll never be forgotten
         We pledge to you today
     A hallowed place within our hearts
         Is where you'll always stay.

"And remember, I am with
you always, to the end of
the age."
                Matthew 28:20
"So you have pain now; but
I will see you again, and
your hearts will rejoice, and
no one will take your joy
from you."
                           John  16:22
My soul finds rest
in God alone;
my salvation comes
from him.
                   Psalms 62:1
"But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation." 
                         Psalms 13:5
Aaron    Age 17
Nothing loved is ever lost & Aaron was loved so much.
A special angel who filled our
     lives with so much joy
    You were and still are,
      an inspiration to us.
                 Remember Me

  Remember Me as you sit and weep
As you close your eyes and go to sleep
Remember the good times and the bad
For they made the life that we once had

Go beyond the suffering and the pain
  And in time you'll learn to live again
You'll remember me with joy in your heart
  It's only life's path that keeps us apart

   Remember Me on the other shore
  Where I've found peace forevermore
Hold my memories in the passing days
              And Remember Me
           Today Tomorrow Always
Thanks Tina for getting me the roses for Aaron.
There are no words to say how much I love you Aaron:
Half my love might fit into a song.
In times of prayer I look for you to hold,
Reaching for you more as I grow old,
Taking, as I gave when I was strong.
Years have turned the tides of Being towards you.
Now my hopes are reconfigured for you Aaron:
In me there's no bright dream for which I long,
Nor measure of my pride as I behold
Each day the grace your childhood foretold.

School photo taken in Jan 2001. That was the last photo taken of Aaron.  Aaron died four months later.

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I found this poem and want you to have it to go with the  Message in a Bottle
I sent you and you also have on your website.
Hugs to Heaven !!!

Written on paper
And written with love
A letter just for you
Sent to up above.
The mail will not deliver it
But that is just fine
I know a special way
For letters of this kind
First I'll write my feelings
And tie the paper up with string
Then I'll find a bottle
Made just for this type of thing
I'll seal the letter in it
Put the cork in really tight
I'll head down to the ocean
And put the message into flight
It will drift along for days
And maybe even weeks
But don't worry God will know
Just who the letter seeks
He'll take the message to you
And then it's in your hands
So see it will reach you
Though departed from this land
A Message in a bottle
Sent out from the shore
A special kind of letter
From my heart to yours

Thank you Nita, so kind of you.

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Aaron's Baptism on 2-26-1984
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